Betty Bazar says:
Joe and I took Kaelan, the notorious grandson, to see Christmas lights the other night. We are really having fun seeing Christmas through the eyes of a two-year old (almost three); it renews some of the enchantment of the holiday. We had a sort of informal itinerary in mind as we set out; but as usual, those "best-laid-plans" don't always work. We started in our own neighborhood; we snaked through the streets, twisting and turning around, going down this street and then the next. "Look, Kaelan, "I said as we crept along. "Aren't the lights pretty? Look, there's Santa and a reindeer." Kaelan studied them with intense interest; then he asked, "Are we going to see the airplane?" Joe and I smiled indulgently at each other. "In a little bit," I replied. "We're going to see some other lights first then we'll go." "Papa carried me to see the airplane lights," he persisted. "Can we go see the airplane now?" "Soon," Joe said. "Look at these lights, Kaelan!" We turned down a couple more streets and pointed out various other displays to Kaelan. He looked at them rather politely, but then asked again, "Can we go see the airplane now?" "Well, you gotta say he's persistent and consistent," I observed. "I don't think we will have to worry about him not being focused in life." "Can we go see the airplane?" he repeated from the backseat. The airplane he was so adamant about is part of a Christmas display which features a helicpopter and which his papa and dad had taken him through a couple of weeks ago. It had remained indelibly imprinted on his mind, especially the helicopter, which he now called an airplane. We finally turned down the dark, winding road and headed for the display which is about five miles out of town. "Are we going to see the airplane?" Kaelan asked again, this time more plaintively than before. "We're on our way there now, Kaelan," I replied. "Is it far?" he asked anxiously. "Not far." his papa answered. We rolled on through the darkness and made idle conversation, pointing out to Kaelan various other lights along the way. He looked at them half-heartedly each time and asked, "Can we see the airplane?" "We're going, Kaelan. We're going," Joe answered. Finally, the lights broke through the darkness and we came upon Christmas Ranch. Kaelan yelled excitedly from the back seat, "There it is, Mama! There's the airplane! Can I get in it?" We convinced him that we couldn't get into the helicopter and that we had to be satisfied with just riding through the display. He was relatively satisfied with that and watched carefully as we eased through the drive. "Can you roll down my window so I can hear?" he asked. Joe rolled the window down and the Christmas music drifted in from among the pine trees. We finally neared the end of the drive and started to pull out of the road again when Kaelan asked, "Can we do it again? Can we see the airplane again?" As I said, he is persistent and consistent.